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Welcome to the Old Fort Gateway Trails!

The first 6 miles of The Old Fort Gateway Trails are OPEN! 

These 6 miles of new trail are part of a 42-mile expansion and represent some of the most accessible and user friendly trails in Pisgah National Forest. 

When combined with Jarrett Creek Road, this stacked loop system provides multiple options for different user experiences. 

Mountain bikers will enjoy climbing Jarrett Creek Rd. and riding Gateway, Jarrett's Run, and Betty's run downhill back to the parking lot.

Hikers and trail runners can do endless loops by connecting Gateway, Foundation, Forager, Oak Hollow and Jarrett Creek Rd.. 

Equestrian users will enjoy climbing up Salt Gap to connect Oak Hollow and Forager back to Jarrett Creek Rd. to the parking lot. 

Regardless of what your looking for Phase I of the Old Fort Gateway Trails has something for everybody. 

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Outdoors for All

The Old Fort Gateway Trails, once complete, will have a wide range of difficulty and commitment levels. The system is already home to Kitsuma and Heartbreak Ridge which are well known for their technical downhill style and long climbs to the top.

We purposefully built the easiest trails first because this is a trail type that is scarce in the mountains of WNC. This first six miles stays relatively close to the parking area and Jarrett Creek Rd.. 

Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome here. The community of Old Fort and volunteers for the G5 Trail Collective have spent thousands of hours and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan, design, permit, and build this system. Please respect this effort and commitment by the community to providing a resource for all by being nice, saying hi, and leaving things a little better than you found them. 

We're all in this together and the outdoors are for everyone. 


We gotta have 'em. This is PUBLIC land. These trails were funded by the community with a tremendous amount of time and technical support by the USFS.

The Grandfather District of Pisgah National Forest is almost 200,000 acres and stretches from Old Fort to Boone. There is one recreation manager for this entire area. The USFS does an incredible job with a small staff covering this huge public land resource. Volunteers play a huge role in keeping these trails open.

Please read these rules.  If trails are wet consider riding gavel or going to a bike park with a paid trail crew. If you see some trash pick it up. If you see something sketchy going on let us know. You can email or leave a note on our website at

Be part of the solution. Jump in and lend a hand or take out your wallet. 

Volunteer and Donate

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